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AAfter a very long time which I'm very sorry for, I'm finally finished translating Zero's Profile! Again, some thing may not be 100% correct, but I think I did an okay job with getting the gist of it at least right.

So here's the scan of Zero's profile for anyone who doesn't have the fanbook: 

English Translation: 

Belongs to: Cross Academy, Day Class

Age: 17 years old

Blood Type: A

Height: 181cms

Record at school: A genius

Best Subject: Science

Special School Activity: Prefect

Family : The Kiryu Hunter Clan

Weapon he uses : The Bloody Rose

Favourite Food : Salted meso

Type of Taste in a woman : A woman who is mature

The Person you respect : His teacher ( I think we can assume he means Yaguri here) 

Hobbies : Cooking, Horse back riding, fighting

And Zero on Yuki : How long it is since the connection grew. The habit you had of calling me brother was an unlikely connection between me and you… And I can’t separate my eye from my body…

Now moving on, I'm just going to tell you all my 'plan' so to speak for translating the fanbook. I want to be finished all the profiles first ( so Yori's profile shold be next), and then I will be going on to all the information in between hopefully, so I hope everyone is okay with that. And I know it took me very long to get Zero's profile posted, but sadly my internet crashed on me, but it's now back up and running so I'll get the next few profiles translated quickly if all goes well. But Yori and Kaname's profile hopefully will be out by the end of the week because I already have them nearly finished.

Once again, I'm very sorry for being so slow with posting this.


Apr. 19th, 2009 09:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think it could translate that way, but I really am pretty sure it would mean mature age-wise and not, like, Kaname mature. o_o



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